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WHAT IS HUMAN TRAFFICKING?Human trafficking is when an individual is taken from their home either by force or given a miss representation of a job offer that promises riches and security for them and their families back home.

Many people who are exploited through human trafficking are approached by an agent or family friends, about the possibility of working in a foreign country, offering employment and good wages. The trafficked person is provided with a passport and willingly gets onto a plane, full of excitement about their new life. Once they lands their passport is taken away from them. The abuse begins. The trafficker has complete control over the trafficked victim and it is hard for the victim to try and escape as they not only fear for their safely but also for that of their family they have left behind in their home country.

WHY WE SETUP FDiFreedom Dolls Initiative has been set up to help any victim of human trafficking around the world. To support them as they go through the recovery process which can be a painful journey. The trafficked victims need much support as they take their traffickers to court and rebuild their independent lives free from confinement and torture Freedom Dolls is here to offer any kind of support the victim may need. The psychological issues that arise can be as damaging as the physical scare a victim wares. Support and someone to trust and talk to is important. As well as giving victims support FDi promotes the awareness of human trafficking around the globe.


HOW WE PROMOTE AWARENESSAwareness is the key factor is helping to eradicate human trafficking across the globe. FDi gives lectures around the world to:

• United Nations induction into new countries and identifying trafficked victims
• Police
• Global Women Lobby
• Small and large businesses
• International organisations
• Women’s groups
• Schools and Universities

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RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESSPublic understanding and awareness of the realities of Human Trafficking is paramount. Victims are funded through the awareness of human trafficking. The making of the dolls, made by volunteers and victims helps to raise funds to care for as many human trafficking victims as possible. Helping the public understand that for every doll that is bought, helps the victim once more gain self-worth and gives them an opportunity to climb out of the hellish environment they find themselves in. Awareness helps everyone to understand that Freedom Dolls are more than just a doll they represent an individual’s freedom.
DSCF7631-1 - Version 2COORDINATING A CONSTANT AND COLLECTIVE VOICEMany organisations focus on a precise area of  trafficking for example human organ trafficking or children others may focus on  the geographical area local, regional or national. The realities of human  trafficking may differ according to sector or area, but the underlying issues,  and the measures needed to combat them, have many similarities. We aim to  provide a constant voice within every area of trafficking and in as many geographical location possible.IMG_4364[1]

Our Team

  • Nicola Smith

    Trainer/Lecturer Nicola has been working with prostitutes and victims of human trafficking...

  • Despina (Debbie) Glynou Constantinides

    President Despina (Debbie) Glynou Constantinides is a Registered Counselling Psychologist (Registration number...